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Wuhan BPS import and export co., Ltd was set up in 2011. Over the past three years, it has developed rapidly from a store merely selling nail art items to a shop mainly selling beauty items including nail art items and cosmetics,accessorizes, cell phone cases, etc.

The website has gained thousands upon thousands of registered customers from all over the world, leading up to millions of sales per month. We offer world wide free shipping and have already shipped to more than 150 countries including United Sates, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Korean, etc.

The original inspiration of the name born pretty store comes from proverb “each woman is born pretty”. Combining the aim of providing beauty items to the female, we incorporated it into the name “born pretty”store. Bornprettystore is a store intended to provide each ordinary female, whoever they are, wherever they come from, with the latest fashion items of nail art, make up and outfit, helping them find the best way to dress up, which ultimately push outside their potential beauty to the fullest.

Here is a list of reasons for trusting Bornprettystore as your reliable source of beauty items, nail art supplier, or business cooperator:

1.Outstanding brand acknowledgment.
* Bornprettystore nail art brand has been spreading mouth by mouth of millions of our customers and fans as well as cooperators on facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, etc. * Bornprettystore has honest company image, you could find all detailed contact information, and get connect with us on facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Tons of reviews prove that we will never be a scam.

2.Competitive products
* More than 10,000 products items on shelf now. Variety of beauty items. * Daily updated data of new nail art products and new item categories. * Bornprettystore will upload more and more self brand items like holo polish. * Bornprettystore provides you with the most popular nail art items, or even items you have never seen before. * Bornprettystore items are inexpensive, and we offer free-shipping world wide.

3.Excellent shopping platform
* Pretty web design of the store. Pink and black theme, gentle and clear shade pictures caters to female customers very well. * Easy customer control of register, search, favorite, and order. No longer than 5 minutes to complete your purchase. * High rate of customer involvement, all share clicks of the items is easy to use. You can also upload pictures, videos, and write reviews to share experience with other friends as well as customers.

4.Excellent Customer Experience
* Customer First, Service foremost. If you have any question before you make an order, have an order, or asking about previous order, contact us, we will help you within 48 hours. * We sale, we share, we care. Find us on network sites, you will know we are more than selling items, we share with you our beauty ideas, we care about customers’ feelings, we are more happy to be friend than salesmen. * 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. We have full and compound return policy, if you don't like your purchase for some reason, contact us, we will get your order returned, refunded or exchanged.

5. Effective Order Process System
* Processional staff dealing with the website maintain and update. Daily check of the web security and rate. * Inner system of order processing, shipping, and tracking. Self owned warehouse ensures secure and effective purchasing and distributing of goods.

6. Excellent Team Work
* We work as a team instead of individually, for reason that we know one may achieve little but more can create miracle. This is never about “me”, but about “us”. * We are young but experienced, experienced but open-minded, open-minded but men of principle.

In Born Pretty Store, we provide variety of beauty products, sell them at the best price, and offer the best service.

You will never regret to have Bornprettystore as your reliable beauty item source, nail art supplier, and business cooperators.

Have fun!