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BORN PRETTY 6ml Nail Art Polish Colorful Green Red Nail Varnish Nails Art Design 15 Colors

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  • BP-P12 Machine
  • BP-P11 Life Is Cool
  • BP-P10 Post Office
  • BP-P13 Come Back
  • BP-P14 So Fine
  • BP-P09 Majesty
  • BP-P08 Ticket
  • BP-P03 At Eight
  • BP-P02 Chess
  • BP-P04 A Quarter
  • BP-P05 Be Lonely
  • BP-P07 Once More
  • BP-P06 Last Dance
  • BP-P01 Far Cry
  • 15 colors (+$310.00) (sold out)
  • BP-P15 Rosie (sold out)

QUANTITY: *Please Select A Color

Type: Nail Polish
Color: 15 Colors for Choose
Quantity: 1 Bottle
Volume: Approx. 6ml
Effect: Color nail polish

Package Contents:
1 Bottle 6ml BORN PRETTY Nail Polish

Why Choose Our Nail Polish?
Made of high quality material, the nail polish is of high purity and glossy, making your nail with bright colors.
Easy to apply, quick-drying. 
Comes with brush making nail art fast and easy for everyone.
Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.

How To Use Our Nail Polish?
Step 1. Cleaning nail secretions with alcohol cotton. 
Step 2. Moisturizing with base oil before coating nails increases durability. 
Step 3. Apply the first layers. The fingertips should be wrapped and dried for second times. 
Step 4. After the surface is dry, the bright oil of the coating can increase the brightness. 

Warm Reminder: 
1. Avoid all skin contact. If redness or other signs of adverse reaction occur, discontinue use immediately.
2. Keep tightly sealed. Keep out of sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Please avoid contact with skin. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately(show the label whenever possible)