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BORN PRETTY Nail Stamper Rainbow Handle Holographic Clear Nail Stamper for Nail Stamping Nail Art To

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  • 2 patterns (+$1.79)
  • Rainbow handle Transparent Stamper
  • Rainbow handle Holo Transparent Stamper

QUANTITY: *Please Select A Pattern

Brand: BORN PRETTY           
Type: Nail Stamper
Quantity:1 Pc Nail Stamper
Size:Approx. 5.5cm(Stamper Length)
Color: As the pictures show

Package Content:
1 Pc BORN PRETTY Nail Stamper

Why Choose Our Nail Stamper?
It has a rainbow handle.
The stamper top is hollow and visible, can transfer accurately.
The stamper head is holographic.
The stamper head is slightly sticky and easy to transfer.
Allow you for professional or home nail art design. 
A professional Nail Art Gift for yourself or your girlfriend.

Due to the difference in the painting process, the color of the stamper surface may be uneven. 
This is a normal phenomenon, non-product quality problems.

How To Use Our Nail Stamper?
Step 1. The Stamper is used for design nail art,first you should have a nail art stamping plate.
Step 2. Rip off the film on the stamping plate.
Step 3. Put a drop of stamping polish on the pattern you want,then use the scraper spread the nail polish evenly.
Step 4. Press the stamp on the pattern,and then print it on your nails.