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0.2g BORN PRETTY Peacock Holographic Chameleon Nail Powder Mirror Nail Art Chrome Pigment Glitters

# 40893

HKD $15.62  $27.39


  • 0.2g LG-01
  • 0.2g LG-04
  • 0.2g LG-06
  • 0.2g LG-07
  • 0.2g LG-09
  • 0.2g LG-12
  • 0.2g LG-08 (sold out)
  • 0.2g LG-10 (sold out)
  • 0.2g 8 Colors (+$83.98) (sold out)

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Quantity: 1 Box
Net weight of : Approx. 0.2g
Color: As the picture shows

Package Contents:
1 Box Nail Powder

100% brand new and high quality
High Chameleon effect and strong laser effect under strong light
Nail decoration
Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails

How to use:
1.Prepare your nails with base coat and cure it under UV / LED lamp
2.Apply the black color coat, cure, then 2nd coat,cure.(Darker base can help to get better chameleon effect)
3.Apply no wipe top coat, cure it under UV / LED lamp
4.Use eyeshadow stick or silicone brush to pick the powder and burnish it onto your nails
5.Repeat the step 4 until you're satisfied with the effect
6.Apply no wipe top coat, cure it under LED/UV lamp