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BORN PRETTY 6ml Peel Off Glitter Nail Polish 45s Dried Odorless Water-based Gold Nail Varnish

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  • BP-PG10 Gothic Beauty
  • BP-PG12 Lonely Shadow
  • BP-PG13 Falling Planet
  • BP-PG08 Time Scenery
  • BP-PG07 Angel Piano
  • BP-PG02 Peach Blossoms
  • BP-PG04 Childhood Memories
  • BP-PG06 Snowy Butterflies
  • BP-PG01 Before The Dawn
  • BP-PG09 Jumping Note (sold out)
  • BP-PG11 Star And Rose (sold out)
  • 13 Colors (+$32.99) (sold out)
  • BP-PG03 Peony Language (out of stock)
  • BP-PG05 Moonlight Dagger (sold out)

QUANTITY: *Please Select A Color

Quantity: 1 Bottle
Capacity: Approx.6ml

Package Contents:
1 Bottle BORN PRETTY 6ml Peel Off Glitter Best Nail Polish

Because the weather is cold, the nail polish may become sticky due to the temperature. 
Soaking the bottle in warm can improve excessive thickening and make the polish smoother.

100% new retail and high quality long lasting nail polish.
Dry fast.(Nail polish can be completely dried in 45 seconds.)
Peel Off.
Long Lasting.
Strengthen toughness and flexibleness of the nail.
You will achieve longer,stronger and beautiful natural nails.
Suitable for professional use or home use.

Professional usage:
Step 1: Apply base coat.
Step 2: Apply a layer of peel-off nail polish.
Step 3: Apply the second layer of peel-off nail polish to achieve the desired effect.(necessary)
Step 4: Apply odorless and quick dry top coat to increase brightness and durability.