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42 Cute Patterns French Nail Art Image Stamp Template CK Series- 8 models

# 2573

CAD $6.94  $10.89


  • CK-02
  • CK-06
  • CK-07
  • CK-08
  • CK-01 (sold out)
  • CK-03 (sold out)
  • CK-04 (sold out)
  • CK-05 (sold out)
  • 8 models (+$60.64) (sold out)

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Weight: 64g
Size: 14.3cm x 9.9cm

Package include:
It's $8.53 for 1 plate, and $56.53 for all the 8 plates.

Here are the steps:
1. Apply base coat or regular nail polish to nail
2. Apply special nail polish to desired image with a plate
3. With the scraper pressed down firmly ata 45 degree angle, scrape off excess polish
4. QUICKLY, press the stamp onto the plate with a gentle rolling motion to pick up the design(if the polish is dry, the image won't be well transferred)
5. The image is transferred onto the stamp
6. Stamp the image onto the nail with a gentle rolling motion
7. Image is transferred on the nail.(for lasting wear, apply top coat)