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Nail Art Dangle Jewelry Ring W/ Rhinestone Drill Kit

# 372

USD $11.89  $13.21

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Package included:
120pc Gold colour ring with pearls
120pc Silver colour Ring with Pearls
12 pc jewlry nai art dangle
1 pc hand twist nail dangle
Main features:
Tiny elegant singel golden ring with glass bead
These dangles have a unique style it can be worn alone or you can add your favorite charm to it
The ends of the rign are hidden inside the bead to give it the look of a solid golden ring
It also helps to keep your dangle more secure and stylish
This is great for those who want that tiny delicate decorationv Quantity: 120pcs
12 colors: 10pcs for each color
Pink, Red, Purple, Green, Milky, Transparent, Blue, Light Blue, Brown, Black, Light Pink, Royalblue