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2 Nail Art Image Printing Stamping Polish + Stamper & Scraper

# 3305

USD $5.99  


  • balck & white
  • balck & red (sold out)
  • balck & yellow (sold out)
  • white & red (sold out)
  • white & yellow (sold out)

QUANTITY: *Please Select A Color

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Brand new!
Special nail stamping polish for nail art stamping and printing, more watery than regular nail polish;
High quality and new merchandise;

Set includes:
2x stamping nail polish, each 5ml:
black & red /black & yellow /black & white /White & yellow /white & red
1x scraper;
1x stamper;

How to use:
For nail art stamping, you should have a nail art stamping plate!
1. Rip off the film on the stamping plate;
2. Drop stamping polish on the pattern you want, then use the scraper
scraping extra nail polish evenly and quickly!
3. Press stamper on the pattern, and then print it on your nails.

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