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NICOLE DIARY 5ml Nail Rhinestone Adhesive Glue Soak Off Gel Polish Nail Finger Extension Manicure

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Capacity: 5ml
Color: As the picture shows

Package Contents:
1 Box NICOLE DIARY 5ml Rhinestone Adhesive Glue

100% new retail and high quality.
Faster drying with any UV Light.
Long lasting and very shining.
Easy to apply and soak off.
Suitable for professional use or home use.

Professional usage:
Step 1. Apply a layer of base coat, and cure it.
Step 2. Put a nail form on your nail.
Step 3. Apply the Nail Rhinestone Gel on figer nail tip, cure it under LED lamp for 1-2 minutes.
Step 4. Take off the form.
Step 5. Shape the side face of the nail with shaping tweezers.
Step 6. Apply 1-2 layer color coat and cure it.
Step 7. Apply the Nail Rhinestone Gel on nail, do not cure it.
Step 8. Apply the rhinestone with Nail Rhinestone Gel and cure it.
Step 9. Apply the side face of the nail with shaping tweezers.
Step 10. Draw the shape of the flower with brush, cure it after finishing.
Step 11. Apply one layer top coat and cure it.
Step 12. Accomplish.

NOTICE: Please avoid contact with skin. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately. (show the label whenever possible)