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10 Rolls/Box Holographic Nail Foil Glitter Candy Nail Art Transfer Sticker Tips Random Pattern

# 45786

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Quantity: 10 Rolls/Box
Color: As the picture shows

Package Contents:
10 ROlls/Box Nail Foil or Candy Stickers(Random Pattern)

100% brand new and high quality.
Suitable for UV gel and acrylic nails. 

Starry Sky Nail Foil professional use steps:
1. Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back. 
2. Apply base coat, wait it dry. 
3. Apply nail polish, wait it dry. (Black base color recommended but not required)
4. For better result, apply foil glue, wait it dry.
5.Cut a piece of foil and apply it on your nails. Different colors of foils can mixed on the nails.
6. Seal it with top coat for better result.

Candy Sticker professional use steps:
Clean the surface of your nails. 
Apply base coat and cure it with UV lamp or LED lamp. 
Cut a piece of the shell paper and apply it on your nails. 
Seal it with top coat.