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Shimmer White Color Clear UV Builder Gel Nail Art-16

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Capacity:15ml each
This prouct required UV light rays contracted phototherapy lamp machine
will dry to a nail into a surface model reach light effects.No used
phototherapy lamp machine is not dry.So this product will need to meet phototherapy lamp machine can use.
Phototherapy armour necessary articles:
1, phototherapy roast lamp, the United States made 36W 9W and two type of roast lamp,
big power, will shorten the time making phototherapy armor;
2, phototherapy gel, a transparent, white, pink transparent color, pure color (new),
shem color (new) many optional;
3, quick dry water, used for superior phototherapy gel roast solidification,
patted face; in phototherapy armor
4, sealing layer, like through bright works like oil, is photo therapy armour exclusive supplies;
5, means, for a fixed lengthen gel torre;
6, phototherapy pen, specially for the crew cut pen. The gel Other optional products:
half posted the nail, French nail plate, teaching CD, phototherapy armour teaching and modelling books.