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UR SUGAR 7.5ml Antifreezing Peel Off Liquid Tape White Quick Drying Nail Art Care Protector Tools

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Brand Slogan:EVERY DAY IS SWEET AS SUGAR              
Type:Antifreezing Peel Off Liquid Tape
Quantity:1 Bottle
Volume:Approx. 7.5ml

Package Contents:
1 Bottle 7.5ml UR SUGAR Antifreezing Peel Off Liquid Tape

Unique Selling Proposition:
100% new retail and high quality.
Easy removing and environmentally.
Peel off nail latex, apply to areas you want free of polish when you are painting your nails.
Create a perfect manicure with this nail Latex that avoids the nail polish to stain your cuticle and fingers.
Liquid tape to protect your nails when painting them. Just apply, let it dry and peel it off.
Allow you for professional or home nail art design. 
A professional nail art gift for yourself or your girlfriend.

Professional usage:
1.Apply to the edge of fingers sparingly.
2.Normally it will dry within 3 minutes, depends on the outside temperature.
3.You can peel it off when it is fully dried.
NOTE:When the temperature is over -25℃,even if it is frozen,it can be used normally after thawing.

1.The thickness of Anti freezing peel off nail latex you applied will affect drying time.
2.Please cover the lid immediately after use,otherwise the long exposure will make it dry.
3.The normal item will be frozen and lose its effect when the temperature is below zero.