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1. What is Extended Affiliate? Extended Affiliate is a program which allows you generate reward points from every sharing you have done for us. Share and you will get reward points!
As the meaning of extended affiliate, this is a kind of extended program besides affiliate program. Many people love and share us, they do that not for money and they do not want to join affiliate program. For people who like us and share us, we prepare to reward something and encourage more and more people share us with others.

2. What to share?
Videos, images, posts, links, coupons, any of these formats information related to

3. Where to share?
Personal Social Networks, Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr/StumbleUpon/Blogger/Google+, etc.
Public Websites, where you can register and post informations, such as review websites, coupon websites, freebie share websites.
Forums, any nail art/cosmetic topic forums.
There is no limit to the language, you can use any language you are familiar with.

4. How much you can get?
Videos: 50 - 200 points per video. Currently we do not accept YouTube video submit, because video can be submitted to customer videos. Other video sharing websites are accepted.
Images: 30 points per image. Extra points will be added if there is some description text along with the image.
Posts: 50 - 100 points per blog review post.
100 - 300 points per post on public websites, such as review website post.
100 - 1000 per forum post. We estimate the points according to the post details, views/replies amount. Link, coupon code, product picture, renderings are the 4 factors in a post. Pictures in a post can add extra 10 points, links and coupon code can add extra 20 points respectively.
Links: 30 points per link on personal websites, 50 points per link on forums. Short link / tiny url instead of url link is not accepted.
Coupons: 30 points each time on personal websites, 50 points on public website/forums. Share discount coupon code, freebie coupon code, promotion coupon code on any websites are valid.


1. All of the sharing items you submitted to us should be posted by yourself; you guarantee the copyright is yours.
2. Posts should be more than 100 words.
3. Only 3 of your posts will be approved on ONE SAME website every day to prevent from earning BP points by devious means.
4. The content you submitted should be posted in the latest 6 months and should be keep online at least 48 hrs.
5. ANY FAKE posts will be rejected.
6. reserves all the rights to explain, modify, and end this program without further advice.


Q: How to start the Extended Affiliate Program?
A: 1. Register on, 2. Check any product page, click "Share" to share this product information on your personal websites. 3. Login your account and visit this page, fill your post link in the blank "Your Promotion URL", write your comment(optional), 4. Click the button "submit".
Q: How to know my submitted links valid or invalid?
A: Please kindly login your account, click "My Account >> My BPS Points >>Point Add History". In this page you can find your Points Balance, and there is Date, Comments, Points. There will be one record in the option "Comments" says "Extended Affiliate" and show the points you earned if your links be approved.
Q: How to use my BPS points?
A: When you check out the order, in the step "Payment Information", choose the option to use your points, there will be a result of your points balance, and how many points you can use in this order. More information please read this help document

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