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AURORAS NAIL 1 Pc 2.35mm Nail Ceramic Grinding Drill Bit Head Nail Polishing Tool Nail Art Tools

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Quantity: 1 Pc
material: Ceramic
Handle Wrap:2.35mm
Net Weight: 3g
Gross weight: 6g
Color: As the picture shows
1. Durable and easy to clean.Can maintain its sharpness and cleanliness for a longtime.
2. Multiple uses to meet different needs.Such as nail polishing and peeling.
3. 2.35mm handle is suitable for most big magic machines.
4. Smotth rotation without jitter or hotness.Used in conjuction with a sharpening pen.Quickly removes nails without harming real nails, improving the sagety of use.

Use: Dressing / Polishing / Peeling / Sanding / Armoring.