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6ml Blue BORN PRETTY Blue Nail Liquid Nail Latex & Peel Off Base Coat Nail Art Liquid tape

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100% new retail
Quantity: 1 bottle
Color: Blue
Capacity: 6ml

Package Contents:
1 bottle of blue nail peel off liquid latex

100% new retail and high quality
Apply to areas you want free of polish when you are painting your nails
Create a perfect manicure with this liquid tape that avoids the nail polish to stain your cuticle and fingers.
Apply as a base coat to easily remove dark and glitter nail polishes.
Liquid tape to protect your nails when painting them. Just apply, let it dry and peel it off.
It smells great and leaves an amazing smell on your fingers

Note: There are few steel beads in the bottle to help you smooth the liquid, please shake up the bottle before using.

Method of use:
1. Apply to the edge of fingers sparingly.
2.Normally it will dry within 5 minutes, depends on the outside temperature.
3. You can peel it off when it is fully dried.

It will be easy to peel off if you apply it thickly.
Please cover it after using.