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BORN PRETTY False Tips Edge Cutter Clipper Stainless Steel Fake Nails Nipper Nail Tools

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Type: Nail Clipper
Quantity:1 Pc
Material: Stainless Steel

Package Contents:
1 Pc BORN PRETTY Rainbow Nail Clipper

Why Choose Our Rainbow Nail Clipper?
It is made of High Quality Stainless Steel.
The cutting is sharper and the elastic is adjustable.
Nail clippers,looks more fashionable.
The use of coil springs, more comfortable and save effect.
Makes well-cut, straight-edge and round-edge.
Easily cuts nails into desired length with a smooth edge.
Comfortable handle was made of high quality durable plastic.
Tip trapper safely catches nail clippings.
Suitable for acrylic gel and artificial nail tips.
Perfect for both professional use or personal use.

How To Use the Rainbow Nail Clipper?
1. Round Cut: The angle between the knife edge and the false nail is less than 90 degrees.
2. Well Cut: The angle between the knife edge and the false nail is the grater than 90 degrees.
3. Straight Cut: The knife edge is perpendicular to the nail piece.

Gentle Tips:
Keep out of reach of children.