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BORN PRETTY 6ml Holographics Nail Polish Chameleon Nail Polish

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  • BP-HC01 Snow Colored Glaze
  • BP-HC02 Summer Nectarine
  • BP-HC03 Dance Of Blessed Spirits
  • BP-HC04 Butterfly Moonlight
  • BP-HC05 Condensing Tears Into Ice
  • BP-HC06 Prophecy Of Time
  • BP-HC07 Moon And Dream
  • 7 Colors (+$15.99)

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Quantity: 1 Bottle 
Capacity: 6ml/Bottle
Pattern: Chameleon Nail Polish

Package Contents:
1 Bottle BORN PRETTY 6ml Glitter Nail Polish

100% new retail and high quality top coat long lasting nail polish.
It's used to smoothen brighten and preserve nail. 
Strengthen Toughness and flexibleness of the nail.
You will achieve longer, stronger and beautiful natural nails.
Suitable for professional use or home use. 

Note:Different color effects in black base and white base.

How to use:
1. Cleaning nail secretions with alcohol cotton.
2. Moisturizing with base oil before coat nails increases durability.
3. Apply the first layer.The fingertips should be wrapped and dried for second times.
4. After the surface is dry, the bright oil of the coating can increase the brightness.