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5 Pcs/10 Pcs Non-woven Silks for Acrylic Gel Extension UV Gel Polish Nail Art Tips Extended Tools
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Pattern :


Quantity: 5 Pcs/10 Pcs (optional)
Size: As the pictures show
Material: Non-woven Silks

Package Contents: 
5 Pcs/10 Pcs Non-woven Silks

High quality silks.
Naturally and easy application. 
Non-woven Silks specially prepared for Nail Extensions.
It is very convenient and easy to use. 
Suitable for professional use and home use. 

How to use: 
Step 1: Apply base coat not cure.
Step 2: Cut the right size non-woven silks with scissors and put in on the nail surface.
Step 3: Use tweezers to fix the non-woven silk.
Step 4: Apply a layer of extension gel on the surface of non-woven silk and then cure under UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.
Step 5: Apply second layer of extension gel on the surface of non-woven silk and cure 30 seconds. 
            When semi-dry state, using the nail clips to maintain the curvature. Then cure nails again.
Step 6: Buffer the nail surface until you satisfied.
Step 7: Apply a layer of french color coat as you like and cure.
Step 8: Apply a layer of top coat and cure.

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