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  • BORN PRETTY Square Stamping Plates Snowflake Elk Image Nail Art Stamp Stencil Christmas S004

    GBP £3.77 GBP £1.73

  • NICOLE DIARY Nail Stamping Plate Rectangle Animals Stainless Steel Nail Art Image Stamp Stencils 130

    GBP £3.01 GBP £2.26


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  • BORN PRETTY 48W 10000mah Built-in Lithium Battery UV Lamp Nail Dryer Arc Shape UV Gel Curing Machine

    GBP £60.44 GBP £19.64

  • BORN PRETTY 6ml Magnetic Cat Eye UV Gel Soak Off Shimmer Glitter Nail Gel Polish Black Base Needed

    GBP £3.77 GBP £1.50


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  • Nail Stamping

BORN PRETTY Christmas Nail Stamping Kit 5 Pcs Stamping Plates 4 Pcs Stamping Polish Nail Art Design

GBP £14.35 £19.64

NICOLE DIARY Rectangle Stamping Plate Christmas Element Stainless Steel Nail Art Stencil Tools

GBP £2.71 £5.28

BORN PRETTY Rectangle Stamping Plates Snowflake Image Nail Art Stamp Stencil Christmas L008

GBP £3.01 £4.53

BORN PRETTY Rectangle Christmas Stamping Plates Elk Snowflake Image Nail Art Stamp Stencil L007

GBP £3.01 £4.53

BORN PRETTY Round Stamping Plates Elk Snowflake Tree Image Nail Art Stamp Stencil Christmas R004

GBP £1.50 £2.26

  • Nail Polish

NEE JOLIE 10ml Nail Polish Thinner Keep Nails Polish Varnish Moisturizing Nail Art Design Tools

GBP £1.50 £2.49

BORN PRETTY 6ml Green Series Peel Off Nail Polish Nail Art Varnish Fast Dry Long Lasting Manicure

GBP £2.26 £3.01

BORN PRETTY 6ml Nail Art Polish Colorful Green Red Nail Varnish Nails Art Design 15 Colors

GBP £2.71 £3.01

BORN PRETTY 6ml Red Series Peel Off Nail Polish Fast Dry Long Lasting Manicure Nail Art Varnish

GBP £1.96 £3.01

NICOLE DIARY 9ml Black White Nail Polish Quick Dry Nail Art Lacquer Varnish Polish 6 Colors Optional

GBP £2.26 £3.77

  • Gel Nail Polish

BORN PRETTY Gel Nail Kit 6 Bottles 5ml 9D Cat Eye UV Gel 1 Pc Magnet Stick 1 Pc Nail Brush

GBP £19.64 £23.06

BORN PRETTY 6ml Glamorous Cat Eyes UV Gel Polish Soak Off Magnetic Gel Varnish Black Based Need

GBP £2.26 £3.01

6ml BORN PRETTY Color Changing Thermal 3-layers UV Gel Polish Soak Off Nail Art Varnish 12 Colors

GBP £2.49 £3.77

UR SUGAR 7.5ml 3-layers Thermal Color Changing UV Gel Polish Top Grade Temperature Gel Nail Polish

GBP £1.50 £3.01

UR SUGAR 7.5ml Holographic Gel Nail Polish Solid Color Shimmer Soak Off Nail Art Gel 62 Colors

GBP £1.50 £3.01

  • Nail Decoration

1 Box Chameleon Nail Powder Mirror Nail Glitters Powder Auroras Effect Chrome Pigment Decoration

GBP £1.20 £1.96

10 Sheets/Set Nail Foil Stickers Colorful Flower Patterns Mixed Transfer Decals Nail Art Decoration

GBP £1.20 £1.50

1 Box Nail Art Gradient Sparkling Sequins Autumn Maple Leaf Shape Nail DIY Design Decorations

GBP £0.97 £1.50

16 Sheets Christmas Water Decals Flower Leaves Water Transfer Nail Stickers Nail Art Tattoo Wraps

GBP £1.20 £3.01

1 Box 4*125cm Marble Series Nail Foils Pink Blue Foils Bright Marble Nail Art Transfer Sticker Paper

GBP £0.60 £1.50

  • Nail Tools

BORN PRETTY 1 PC Nail Art Tool Nipper Nail Cuticle Scissor UV Gel Remover Pusher Holographic Tools

GBP £1.96 £2.26

150ml Pump Bottle Dispenser Nail Art Acetone Polish Makeup Remover Container Nail Art Tools

GBP £1.96 £3.01

BORN PRETTY Nail Tools Mixing Color Take Extension Gel Multi Function Colorful Nail Art Design

GBP £1.73 £2.71

1Pc BORN PRETTY Nail Cuticle Nipper Colorful Clipper Scissor Dead Skin Remover Nail Art Tool

GBP £4.22 £6.04

Electric Nail Drill Machine Nail Art Pedicure Files Tools Kit Nail Polisher Grinding Glazing Machine

GBP £22.66 £39.13

  • Nail Artist Recommend

All recommendations from Our Nail Artist Connie Chan >>

6ml BORN PRETTY Holographic Stamping Polish Silver Laser Holo Nail Art Plate Printing Polish Design

GBP £4.53 £5.28

BORN PRETTY 8ml Stamping Gel Black White Pink Soak Off Nail Art UV Gel Polish for Nail Stamp Plate

GBP £3.01 £4.53

BORN PRETTY Rectangle Stamping Plates Star Moon Sun Nail Art Image Stencil Outer Space L002

GBP £3.01 £4.53

BORN PRETTY 6ml Holographic Star Moon Sequins Gel Bling Soak Off Manicure Nail UV Gel Polish Varnish

GBP £1.50 £3.01

BORN PRETTY 6ml Magnetic Gel Nail Polish Glitter Sequins Purple Soak Off Nail Art Gel Varnish

GBP £3.77 £4.53


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