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NEE JOLIE 3.5ml Magnetic Nail Polish Glitter Nail Varnish Black Based Need

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Quantity: 1 Bottle
Capacity: Approx. 3.5ml
Color: As the picture shows

Package Contents:
1 Bottle 3.5ml NEE JOLIE
3D Magnetic Healthy Nail Polish (Magnetic Board NOT included!)

100% brand new. 
The nail color in the sample picture is with : 1 layer base coat+1 layer black color+1 layer 3D Magnetic Nail Polish (with Magnetic Board)+ top coat. 
Professional high quality nail polish ingredients which give glossy and long lasting nail polish.
Comes with brush making nail art fast and easy for everyone.
Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.

1.Prepare your nails with BASE COAT, and wait it dry.
2.Apply the black color coat, wait it dry.(Darker base can help to get better chameleon effect)
3.Apply 3D magnetic quick dry nail polish.
4.Use the magnet stick close to nail immediately for at least 90s. The closer distance, the more obvious effect. But keep away from the polish. The effect is decided on the line of the magnet stick and the direction you put it.If you want better results, repeat steps 3 and 4.
5.Apply top coat, and use the magnet stick close to nail again for at least 90s.