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Mascara Blue Purple Brown Gradient Colorful Curling Eyelash Cosmetic 5 Colors Selectable

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Specification :
Quantity: 1 pc
Color: 5 colors selectable

Package Contents :
1 pc Mascara

100% brand new
Use the Mascara to brush your eyelash equably
Use the fiber to curl your eyelash, make it voluem
How to Apply Blue Mascaras

1, The first step will be brushing your eyelashes to ensure you do not have any loose eyelashes

2, Curl your eyelashes using a lash curler.

3, Apply a coat of clear mascaras. This will ensure your lashes are extended, separated and will help making your lashes to look much thicker,
especially people who have sparse lashes. People with thick and health lashes have the choice of skipping this step.
People who do not have clear mascara can use eye gel that firms.

4, Apply a single coat of your best blue mascara and let it dry.
You will be done if you want subtle looks.
People who want bold looks can apply a second coat.
Note: When apply several coats of mascaras, the initial coat has to dry completely before you go the next coat.

The steps to apply this mascaras are pretty simple and straight forwards.
However, if you want to looks great in your, you need to know a few blue mascara tips, secrets.

The first tip is going for a neutral eyeshadow that will create a balance and it could be colors light beige or light pink.
People with blue eyes can go for pale blue eye shadow.

If you want subtle looks, go for the neutral eyeliners or brown.
However, by wearing blue eyeliner on your upper lash line and blending it with your blue colored mascara will make you look harmonious.

Some makeup artists often advise people to curl their eyelashes after they have applied mascara.
They're nothing wrong with this procedure only if during curling of eyelashes,
you are not going to hamper with the looks you have created with your blue colored mascaras.
I would recommend you begin with curling your eyelashes first before applying mascaras.

Another blue eye shadow tip is experimenting beforehand.
It might be the right blue eye shadow shade for your eye, skin or hair color but might not have the magic you expected.

When choosing other face makeup, ensure it does not overwhelm blue colored mascaras.
Going with plain eyelids, cool colored lipstick such as plum and pink will make your eyes stand out.

To look gorgeous without worrying about anything, apply a coat of black mascara followed by coats of this mascara.
This will help you achieve greater looks.

Makeup Look with Blue Mascara