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UR SUGAR 20ml Acrylic Powder And Liquid Quick Building Extension Nail Art DIY Design Tools

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Quantity: 1 Bottle
Capacity: 20ml
Color: As the pictures show

Package Contents:
1 Bottle 20ml UR SUGAR Acrylic Liquid Diy Nails 

Use together with Acrylic Powder to create fantastic nail design.
A bottle of professional acrylic liquid for creating your acrylic nail or blending with crystal powder.
Acrylic nail powder can be used on natural nails and false nails.
Provides a fantastic natural look for your nails.
Perfect for home use or professional use.

Easy and convenient to use:
Mix the crystal power and acrylic liquid into the dappen dish, use nail art pen apply onto your nail / nail forms.
1. Brush the acrylic power on the nail mold with acrylic liquid.
2. Stick it to your real nail and make sure it fully plying-up, wait it dry.
3. Remove the nail mold.
4. Burnish the shape your nails.
5. Apply a color coat.
6. Make the shape of acrylic powder as you want with acrylic liquid.

Nail Art Extension steps:
1. Put a nail form on your nail.
2. Brush the acrylic powder on the nail with acrylic liquid.
3. it would try within 1-2 mins.
4. Take off the nail form.
5. Burnish the shape your nails.


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